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Innovative social media platform based on the ecommerce technology. Post news items on the Dashboard or via email, setup a news channel, and even accept donations from readers

Step 1

Setup your free website 1

You receive a free website (channel), which can be filled with News items posted by you or by others

Similar to where people post items for sale, here people post news items to share

Share news 2

Promote the individual news items, or your entire channel website.

Posting news is as easy as sending an email to Oziway which automatically translates the news into many different languages

Step 2
Step 3

Collect your donations 3

When a reader decides to donate money to an author for work, they receive an invoice from us and we pay the author.

You can also receive a commission when you promote other authors articles. Easy?

Step 3

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Post news items from any place at any time, by using your computer or smartphone. You can promote your news channel filled with your items or from other authors, and earn a commission for doing so by accepting donations. On Oziway you do not risk anything. There is no investment. All is free. You can publish products for sale (on or publish news items to share with others (you can accept donations from readers).

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